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The only thing better than reading a good book is reading a good book with a great discount. If you have not read the Falk McCoy Mysteries or you’ve missed one of the books in the collection, now is the time to catch up. With our “Stuck at Home” special you can enjoy any Kindle version of the Falk McCoy Mysteries for just 99 cents! I think you will agree…there’s no better time to read! Just click on the Buy the Book link above and order yours now!

Excerpt From Mourning

The following morning I ordered room service, a double espresso and a couple of sweet pastries. Then I went to the oceanfront balcony to watch the morning roll in. The waves licked lazily at the shoreline, like an old dog with a reluctance to clean; the sun hung just above the horizon, warmed the clouds away; couples strolled the beach, let the sand-laden waves flow over their feet. I called room service again. The coffee came, as did two pre-packaged cheese Danish. I took the coffee and my cell phone back to the balcony, punched in the number Garcia had given me. A man with a southern drawl answered. I told him I would be there by eleven o’clock. Then I drank my coffee and tried unsuccessfully to ignore the fresh-from-the-package Danish pastries.

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Falk McCoy creator and author of six books, Marshall Boyd turns 70 today. I won’t say much about that but if you want to wish the old guy a Happy Birthday… a book. Oh heck, buy several books! Through June 30 all Kindle books, any title are just $2.99. You can also get hard copies of the book by following the ‘Buy the Book’ page at the top. This includes his latest novel, Mourning.

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While Falk McCoy’s previous adventures have taken him to cities in the United States, South America, and the Caribbean, ‘Mourning’ takes place in Central Florida. Order this fast-paced tale with lots of twists and turns by clicking ‘Buy the Book’ above. It’s available in paperback or Kindle and, in a few weeks, both hardcover and nook versions will be acquirable through Barnes and Noble.

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A Few Words From The Author…..

Things have changed in Falk McCoy’s life since the first Falk McCoy Mystery hit the bookstores. But you don’t have to read the books in the sequence written to enjoy them. However, for those who want to read them in the order written, here’s the sequential list:

Book One, Death of a Dead Man: Falk lives in the Glades Hotel, a vintage 1926 establishment. It’s a ramshackle building filled with Latin Americans searching for a resting place. Not for themselves, but for their money – wealth gained through embezzlement of government funds, drug sales, gun running – a mixture of shady deals. This is where it all began.

Book Two, Faker: A former Nicaraguan policeman and a Catholic priest con Falk into investigating a rumor that someone is selling body parts taken from poor Nicaraguan peasants. Falk gets a new job title, head of security at the Glades Hotel.

Book Three, Miami Lovers: The remnants of the Miami Mafia have decided to take over Cuba, viva la revolucion style. Mystel, Falk’s lover, buys part of the Glades Hotel and becomes a silent partner to Garcia, the new owner of the Glades Hotel.

Book Four, Wanton Needs: Counterfeit dollars and blood diamonds are making the rounds. Mystel joins Falk in a romp around Cuba and South America while resolving this troublesome mess.

Book Five, Rue: Murder and embezzlement are all part of the family business. Girlfriend Mystel joins Falk in cracking this all for one and none for all mystery set in Miami.


Buy any of the Falk McCoy Mysteries by clicking on ‘Buy the Books’ at the top of this page. Look for the newest book in the series, coming in early 2018!