From the next Falk McCoy Mystery “Lovers”

 “He’s my height,” muscle boy said, “and has black, brown or brunette hair –I don’t know which. He has a 5 o’clock shadow –borne out of laziness, not style. His clothing is a copy of the casual fare found in low- to middle-income boxstores –Walmart, Target, or Goodwill would be my guess. He appears to be in good health, but he’s not as beautifully proportioned as I.”

“Thank you, Johnny,” Cushman said.

Then she turned her chair and looked me over. “I can tell how desirable a man is by the way Johnny describes him,” she said. “His description doesn’t do you justice. Johnny must feel threatened.”

She put her hand out and patted muscle boy’s buttocks, and he looked away in sullen silence, and she laughed.

Book Festival, Too

Well, I decided to spend time roaming Miami with Mystel instead of going to the New Smyrna Beach Book Festival this weekend. (Beautiful woman or book festival? It was a no brainer.) Rumor has it I was well represented by the guy writing my stories.

That said, you can buy FAKER or Death of a Dead Man on Kindle through October 7 for just $3.95 – a two dollar savings!  Shhhh! It will be our little secret, so get it quickly.


Book Festival!

That writer Marshall Boyd will be talking about me, Falk McCoy, at noon on Saturday at the New Smyrna Beach Best Western. If you see a tall, super attractive strawberry blonde, she might be Mystel, and, with any luck, that good looking man standing beside her will be me.