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I’m Falk McCoy, a private investigator who lives and works in Miami. My Mother grew up in Cuba and arrived in Florida during the Castro years; my Father came out of Georgia, Scottish ethnicity. I have a beautiful ex-wife and a beautiful but mysterious girlfriend. I currently call The Glades Hotel – a place frequented by Latin American types – my home. I get room and board in exchange for my services as a hotel detective, which is how I get most of my PI clients.

 A degree in criminal justice and a few years of on-the-job experience have made me a fairly good detective. That’s an assumption on my part, but people frequently seek me out to solve their problems. I’m not a lazy man but I don’t routinely advertise or solicit potential clients. I have few friends and keep to myself most of the time, which may or may not be a good thing.

Anyway, everything was hunky-dory in my world until a few years ago when this guy walks into the Glades Hotel and claims to have heard about some of my adventures. He’s a writer who thinks I should share my stories with the world. I explain that it’s not really my style and I dismiss him as someone looking for free services. I get that a lot; seems I attract freeloaders. Falk McCoy

Long story short, Marshall Boyd, the writer, promises me a cut of the profits if his planned series of books about me become popular. I decided I had nothing to lose and agreed to tell him a few tales. Also, I allow him to use my image on his book covers, but only if I’m somewhat disguised. I don’t need the curious coming to the hotel, interrupting my work.

Since I’m a stakeholder in this venture – from a profit standpoint, of course – I decided to put this website together to encourage people

– meaning you – to buy the books. That’s the backstory.

Don’t bother me at the hotel, but if you have questions or a case I might want to cover, shoot an email to: Falk@FalkMcCoy.com.

I have a client here now, so I have to run, but be sure to buy a few books. Man’s gotta eat!!!


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