It’s here! The 8th and final chapter of the Falk McCoy Mysteries!

The Madam’s Granddaughter went away, planning to play another day. Round and round and round she goes; now where she plays nobody knows.

Falk McCoy is hired to find the Madam’s missing granddaughter. But the Granddaughter’s world is a secretive place, not unlike her Grandmother’s past.

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The Madam’s Legacy

The Falk McCoy Mysteries

Things have changed in Falk McCoy’s life since the first Falk McCoy Mystery hit the bookstores, but you don’t have to read the books in the order written to enjoy them. For those who want to read them in the order written, here’s the sequence:

Book One, Death of a Dead Man: Falk lives in the Glades Hotel, a vintage 1926 establishment. It’s a ramshackle building filled with Latin Americans searching for a resting place. Not for themselves, but for their money – wealth gained through embezzlement of government funds, drug sales, gun running – a nice mixture of shady deals. This is where it all began.

Book Two, Faker: A former Nicaraguan policeman and a Catholic priest con Falk into investigating a rumor: someone is selling body parts taken from poor Nicaraguan peasants. Falk gets a new job title, becoming head of security at the Glades Hotel.

Book Three, Miami Lovers: The remnants of the Miami Mafia have decided to take over Cuba, viva-la-revolucion style. Mystel, Falk’s lover, buys part of the Glades Hotel and becomes a silent partner to Garcia, the new owner of the Glades Hotel.

Book Four, Wanton Needs: Counterfeit dollars and blood diamonds are making the rounds. Mystel joins Falk in a romp around Cuba and South America while resolving this troublesome mess.

Book Five, Rue: Murder and embezzlement are all part of the family business. Girlfriend Mystel joins Falk in cracking this none-for-all mystery set in Miami.

Book Six, Mourning: Garcia cons Falk into investigating a matter for a man who agrees to purchase two of Garcia’s hotel apartments. The investigation will mean traveling to Mourning, a small town in Central Florida. Falk is cold to the idea, but a hot deputy in Mourning promises to warm things up.

Book Seven, Belated: Falk goes to Morocco to investigate the death of someone dear to him.