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You can follow the links below to order Astray or any book in the Falk McCoy Mystery Series.  All are available in paperback or Kindle. Astray is also available in hardcover.

We no longer offer Nook versions of our books, but hardcover books featuring a dust cover are available through through Barnes and Noble. Check their website for information and pricing.

Click on the book to order.

2 thoughts on “Buy The Books!

  1. Hey Uncle Marshall I only have 2of your books.Faker and Wanto Needs. Do I would like to buy
    :Death of a Dead Man
    :Miami Lovers

    • If you click on the image of the book, it will take you to Amazon books. If you prefer using a brick and mortar store like Barnes and Noble, tell them what you want to purchase and they will pull it up on their computers and have it shipped to you or to their store. I hope you’re staying warm there!!!

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