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Falk McCoyPeople frequently ask about my private life. There’s not much to tell; I’m an average guy. Anyway, that writer, Marshall Boyd, tends to tell everything – he holds the publishing rights to my life stories,  though he often exaggerates. If you feel an uncontrollable urge to ask me about my day-to-day, message me on my Facebook page, tweet me @FalkMcCoy, or leave a message on my web page. I’ll try to respond in a timely manner. As of this moment, nothing is off limits, except my current cases. I promised Mister Boyd he could                                      have first crack at any new investigations.

2 thoughts on “Ask Falk

  1. Hello Marshall: I saw the article in the Daytona paper and wanted to say hi. I am Becky, Anna Wells’ sister….I read your first three books and I am anxious to read the next one. I am a writer…certainly not of your caliber or talent, but I enjoy writing and enjoy reading other people’s writings even more. How we all put pen to paper and make it come alive is so inspiring. And since the books have a Miami/South Florida theme, I like that I can relate in some small way…actually knowing where some of the places you speak of are located. I have been here for more than 11 years now (from Cleveland) and love south Florida.
    Looking forward to number 4. Good luck. Becky

    • Thanks for the kind words. Most of my books are sold online, so I rarely meet my readers. It does my creative soul good to hear from someone who enjoys my work. It provides a dose of inspiration. I’m in the final read of my fourth book, Wanton Needs. I hope you enjoy it. Say hi to Anna.

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