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Falk McCoyPeople frequently ask about my private life. There’s not much to tell; I’m an average guy. Anyway, that writer, Marshall Boyd, tends to tell everything – he holds the publishing rights to my life stories,  though he often exaggerates. If you feel an uncontrollable urge to ask me about my day-to-day, message me on my Facebook page, tweet me @FalkMcCoy, or leave a message on my web page. I’ll try to respond in a timely manner. As of this moment, nothing is off limits, except my current cases. I promised Mister Boyd he could                                      have first crack at any new investigations.

4 thoughts on “Ask Falk

  1. Hello Marshall: I saw the article in the Daytona paper and wanted to say hi. I am Becky, Anna Wells’ sister….I read your first three books and I am anxious to read the next one. I am a writer…certainly not of your caliber or talent, but I enjoy writing and enjoy reading other people’s writings even more. How we all put pen to paper and make it come alive is so inspiring. And since the books have a Miami/South Florida theme, I like that I can relate in some small way…actually knowing where some of the places you speak of are located. I have been here for more than 11 years now (from Cleveland) and love south Florida.
    Looking forward to number 4. Good luck. Becky

    • Thanks for the kind words. Most of my books are sold online, so I rarely meet my readers. It does my creative soul good to hear from someone who enjoys my work. It provides a dose of inspiration. I’m in the final read of my fourth book, Wanton Needs. I hope you enjoy it. Say hi to Anna.

    • Jill, I owe you an apology for not replying to your question sooner. I was out of country working on another matter. Years ago when I first got in the business, I did investigate these situations. But love and trust are matters of heart and conscience. I found it difficult to insert myself into situations where two or more people were fighting an urge to change. I would often ask myself: Can love live without trust? My answer was no, so I removed myself from this part of my business. If you go to your laptop and enter the word “Cheaters”, you will probably find someone to do the work. Good luck and thanks for thinking of me.

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